Hey guys! Thanks so much for clicking on this! But I have a quick question and I need help! I’m working on a chapter book! And I want to post it somewhere online. Does anybody know ANY places I can post a chapter book chapter by chapter. Something that I can have a free account … More HELP!! 

Reoccurring Dreams

Reoccurring dreams are interesting to me.  I barely remember most of my dreams, so the fact that I have certain dreams that repeat themselves is so interesting.  So, today I just wanted to share some of my reoccurring dreams. So, let’s just jump on into it. Graduation So, my first dream happened to me after … More Reoccurring Dreams

Short Story

Hey guys! This is just a short post…I gave writing fictional stories a chance.  If you want you can go check it out.  I put it on another blog. Here is the link: Imaginary (Short Story) Please check it out! I’m super nervous about it.  Please leave constructive criticism, but only constructive criticism.  This is my … More Short Story

The Fall Season

So by the title of this post, most of you are assuming that I am basic! I’ve talked about Fall before, and I always feel the need to clarify that I am not basic! I don’t look at fall as this opportunity to wear Ugg Boots and get a pumpkin spice latte! I have actually … More The Fall Season