My Current Running Songs (25 Good Running songs)

Hello, guys! So personally, running/exercising is actually enjoyable at times.  But that enjoyment comes in like waves.  There are times when I dread it, and there are times when I do it, and I absolutely love it. Right now, I am loving it!  I’ve been so into running, and I’ve been running some 5k’s lately. … More My Current Running Songs (25 Good Running songs)

How I Relax

Hi guys!! So we’ve all had those long days.  They just seem drag on and on and on…They are very annoying!  After those days I just want to kick back and relax.  I need to get off of my feet and pamper myself! Today, I thought I would share with you guys how I relax … More How I Relax

Starting a Journal

Hey guys! So, the other day, I decided to start a journal.  There was no particular reason for starting it!  I feel like it is kind of a mix of a diary, scrapbook, happiness journal, and a sketchbook.  That’s a lot, but there was no particular reason that I started it. I guess I really … More Starting a Journal