30 Days Without Makeup

This is something that I’ve been wanting to try for awhile now.  But I’ve been way to scared to do it.  But…I finally gave it a shot.  I didn’t wear any makeup for 30 whole days.

So, I want to start off by describing my skin.  I don’t have oily skin.  I get zits every now and then, and they normally appear in clusters in between my eyebrows, my chin, and by my nose.  I don’t get too many zits, but whenever i get one I am embarrassed and NEED it covered…My eyes do have dark circles around them (I seem to always be tired).  I typically at least cover those every single day if I do anything.

So, that is what my skin is like.  Let’s jump into the week by week log I made for this:

I finally took part in my first week of no makeup.  It was honestly quite the change.  I’m going to be honest…I feel like I’ve lost a bit o confidence in my looks.  I feel like I need to shield my face more.  I usually at least cover my dark circle, zits, and put on mascara.  I feel different, honestly.

Honestly, week one was a little rough.  I felt weird, and kind of off.  But, I’m kind of feeling a little better.  I’ve seen all the people I normally seen if that makes sense.  Nobody has said anything.  I feel like I am growing a little confidence.  I keep wearing my glasses though to cover my dark circles that I HATE!

I’ve definitely felt a change in my attitude.  I know I’m not wearing makeup, but I’m not scared.  I’m not wearing my glasses to purposefully cover my face.  I’m just kind of living my life like how I normally would.  I definitely feel better.

THE FINAL WEEK!! It’s been good! Nothing new from last week.  I feel more confident, and happier with how I look!


So, it was a rough journey at first.  The first few weeks, I honestly couldn’t wait to get home and not see people.  But after this journey continued on, I felt better.  I didn’t care that I wasn’t wearing makeup.  I felt more confidence.
I am going to continue to wear makeup, but I won’t be afraid on those days that I don’t.  I won’t feel like I need to hide my face.  I like wearing makeup.  Doing my makeup is fun, and it does make me feel so much more confident!
My advice:
Do what makes you confident.  Not wearing makeup has made me more confident (which is something that I really need at times because I have very little).  However, do what makes you feel good!!  Be happy with what you want to do!

Well, that’s all! Thanks so much for reading! Like, follow, and share!

~Thanks and have a great day~

Kristen N.


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