Reoccurring Dreams

Reoccurring dreams are interesting to me.  I barely remember most of my dreams, so the fact that I have certain dreams that repeat themselves is so interesting.  So, today I just wanted to share some of my reoccurring dreams.

So, let’s just jump on into it.

  1. Graduation
    So, my first dream happened to me after I graduated high school.  In my dream, I would hear my name called at graduation.  Then, I would walk across the stage.  Right when I would reach for my diploma, my principal would shake her head no and say that I didn’t graduate.  Then, I had to walk across stage completely embarrassed.
    This dream stopped a bit ago; right when I started college.  So this was just a summer reoccurring dream.
  2. The Rollercoaster
    So, in this dream I am going up a hill on a rollercoaster.  In this park it is dark, but it’s not night out…I don’t know if that makes sense.  It was just dark…but daytime…haha confusing I know.  So, right as I get to the top like crest of the hill, I’d look down and see that the rollercoaster actually ends.  So the rollercoaster would speed down and then the cart would fall off, and I’d be like free falling.  Then, I’d wake up nearly falling out of my bed.  I’ve never actually fallen out of the bed though.  I’m like just barely about to fall.  I think that is interesting that that is the dream I am always about to have as I am close to falling out of bed.
  3. The Basement
    This one is kind of creepy/odd.  At least I think it is.  It is also hard to describe…but I’ll try my best.  So, in this dream It would be night time out and it was dark and eerie.  I’d walk into this creepy castle, and inside there was this like secret meeting where like evil villains were meeting.  I’d get scared of this, and then I would run to the basement.  But in the basement, the villains were hiding this like monster.  And I would need to be brave enough to go see the monster.  And once I saw the monster I would be able to leave the castle.  Every time that I would come so close to seeing the monster, I would wake up.  I wouldn’t wake up afraid…I just woke up like it was a normal dream.  It would be morning.  This dream doesn’t scare me…I just think it is a little odd I guess!


So, those are some of my reoccurring dreams! If you guys like this, I have more!  Comment below any of you reoccurring dreams.  I think these are so interesting, so I’d love to hear your dreams!

Thanks so much for reading!

~Thanks and have a great day~

Kristen N.


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