My Hair Routine

Hello there!! As I was getting ready this morning, I realized that my hair routine is pretty simple.  It doesn’t involve too many steps, and it gets my out the door quickly.  So, today I thought I would tell you guys about my hair routine!

Let’s just jump on into, shall we??

  1. Shower
    1. So, personally, I am a person who showers at night! So, in the shower, I was my hair with Head and Shoulders Classic Clean shampoo (the blue bottle).  Then, I use conditioner.  I use the Herbal Essence Moroccan My Shine (a green bottle).  I really like these two products.  The bonus is that they are cheap!
  2. Brush
    1. After I am done in the shower, get out and brush my hair.  I make sure to get every single knot out! This is kind of important for later steps.
  3. Braid
    1. Next, I put my hair into a very loose braid.  This is because I am going to sleep on it, and undo the braid in the morning.  If the braid were tight, it would make my hair look crimped, and that’s not really my style.
  4. Sleep (my favorite step)
    1. So, as I just said, I sleep with my hair in the loose braid.  Then, when I wake up, I undo the braid.  My hair may still be wet which is fine, and can actually be better!
  5. Oil
    1. After I take my hair out of the braid, I take some Garnier Fructis Serum Anti-Frizz Sleep and Shine oil.  I only put a little bit on my hand, and I rub it through my hair.  This makes my hair feel pretty soft throughout the day.  Also, this oil is pretty cheap! I’m pretty sure I got it for like $4.
  6. Air Dry
    1. I let my hair dry the rest of the way.
  7. Skip washes
    1. I don’t wash my hair again until another 2-3 days.  I think that this makes my hair feel healthier.
  8. No more oil
    1. Typically, on the second or third day, I don’t use oil (in other words, I only use oil on the first day when I take my braid out).
  9. Dry shampoo
    1. Finally, I use some dry shampoo or sea salt spray to provide a little volume where my hair is flat.

So, that is my everyday routine.  I think this routine is really beneficial for people with frizzy hair like myself!  The oil allows your hair to not frizz as easily.  Also, this hair routine gives you some nice beach waves.  So, that means you don’t have to use heat as much which is VERY beneficial in the long run.

That’s my routine! What’s yours?? Comment beeeeeelow!

Thanks so much for reading! Like, follow, and share!

~Thanks and have a great day!

Kristen N.









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