Showing You My Childhood Toys


I’ve been feeling a little nostalgic lately.  I’ve been missing my care free days where my biggest worry was whether or not I missed the new episode of Rugrats.  Ahh yes those were the days.

I thought I would take you all on my nostalgic journey and show you some of my favorite childhood toy

1. My First Whip


This is a slight lie.  My first car didn’t look exactly like this.  Instead mine was yellow with blue on it.  It looked different but still just amazing.  This fuel efficient car got me where I needed to go when I needed to get there.  Snack at 3?  Be there in no time.  Ahh yes I miss the days of getting my toes run over on the wheels and the threatening sound of the squeaky horn that says to anybody “HEY DON’T CUT ME OFF!”  Those were the days.

2. My first Child


Raising a Tamagotchi definitely had its challenges.  But nothing I couldn’t overcome.  I’ll never forget the day when my first Tamagotchi pet!  The most devastating thing would be going to school knowing that you have just left your pride and joy to fend for itself.  Or when the battery dies right in the middle of you raising your pet…

3. My singing career


I know many singers and songwriters like to talk about their beginnings.  Mine started (and ended) with this here echo mic.  I loved singing into this and listening to my own voice/screeches echo throughout.  I’m sure my parents were so happy to have gotten me this toy.  I have yet to sign a record deal…I don’t like commitment…that’s all…

4. The Pain


This toy seemed amazing at the time.  It was so fun running around outside, jumping over this little rope….UNTIL IT SMASHED INTO YOUR ANKLES.  WHAT THE HECK?! DID NOBODY REALIZE THIS WAS A TRAP!! My ankle would be bruised for months!! However, despite the pain and bruises…I always seemed to go back to the toy, ready to again play with it…

Well, those are just a few of my childhood toys!! What did you guys play with? Comment below!

This article was just for fun and jokes! Nothing serious!

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~Thanks and have a great day~

Kristen N.






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