A Letter to Introverts


Hello! I just want to say that we are misunderstood. So many people when they hear we are introvert automatically assume we are antisocial. That’s not true at all. 

We are not introverts. An introvert is a person who gets their energy from being alone. An extrovert is a person who gets energy from being with a crowd. 

I am an introvert. I’m not antisocial. I go to social events. I chat with people. I find it enjoyable. But I do need to take a break. I can chat the night away. 

I’m not shy. I can be outgoing. But again, I don’t do it with large crowds. It’s only with friends. 

I typically latch onto people at social events. I find a friend or friends and then I stick with them the rest of the time. 

I don’t hate people. I don’t hate socializing. I’m not antisocial. 

I feel like people misunderstand this all the time. 

Maybe I’m the only one who feels this way. Let me know how you feel. 

Thank you for reading. 


A Fellow Introvert


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