Things to Consider Before Cutting Your Hair

Hi guys! So awhile ago, I made the chop! I cut off a good chunk of my hair! It used to be about 4 inches above my belly button! Now it is about 4 inches below my shoulders! 

Before you make the big chop, there are definitely things you need to consider! Today, I thought I would share with you guys some of those considerations!

1. One thing you need to consider is that with shorter hair, you may need to style it a lot more! You may need to use a lot of heat styling tools! This all depends on how much you cut off, but it could be pretty hard to quickly style it! 

2. You may not immediately love it, and it may be a little frustrating at first. I personally experienced this and so did a few of my friends who cut their hair off! But after 1-2 weeks, you learn how to style it, and you love it! It takes time! Trust me!

3. You should consider what kind of hair you have. We all have different hair types. My hair gets frizzy easily, and i do not have a lot of hair. Just an average amount! I’ve heard some people say that if you have thick frizzy hair, maybe going to a short bob isn’t necessarily ideal! But I say do what you want! That’s just a tip I’ve heard from others

So Those are all the tips I have for you guys today! What tips do you have for people considering cutting their hair? Comment below!

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~Thanks and have a great day~

Kristen N. 


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