EASY DIY Halloween Costumes

It’s that time of year!! We are all last minute scrambling to create a halloween costume…or am I the only one who does that every year?

Well, don’t worry because I have a few ideas for you! They are simple and cheap! For all of them you only need a t-shirt!

1. Fox

This is simple! All you need is a brown t-shirt (I prefer mine to be big), a headband and some brown and white felt.  You cut a pointed ear shape out of the brown felt, and then cut a smaller ear out of the white felt (but keep it the same shape as the brown felt just smaller).  Glue those on to the headband, and you have ears.  Now, you can just wear the brown shirt as is, or you can take some white felt and glue it on the front chest area.  A fox has that little white area on the belly so that’s what you would be making here! This is simple, and you can add your own touch to it too!

2. Dalmatian

This one is easy too!  All you need is a white t-shirt, black felt, and a headband.  With this one, you just cut out some spots out of the black felt and glue them onto the t-shirt.  Then, you cut out floppy ears out of the felt and glue them onto the sides of the headband (making ears).  This one is so easy and takes roughly 30 minutes (not including time to dry).

3. Pooh Bear

This one I think is kind of cute.  All you need is a red t-shirt, yellow paint, a jar (any size you want), brown paint, headband, and yellow felt.  First, take the yellow paint and paint Pooh on the front of the red shirt.  The shirt is done! Now, take the jar you bought and paint it brown.  After it dries, take the yellow and paint “Honey” on the front! Now you have Pooh Bear’s honey jar.  That part is optional.  Then, cut some circular looking ears out and glue them to the headband!

4. Mike Wazowski

This one is soooooo simple.  All you need is a lime green tshirt, some light blue felt, black felt, and white felt.  First, cut out a big circle of white felt for his eye.  Then, cut out a smaller light blue circle.  Next, cut out a smaller black circle.  Finally, cut out a very small white circle to represent the little shine in his eye.  Glue the white circle down first, then the light blue circle goes on top of that, then the black circle goes on top of that, and finally put the white circle on the top left area of the black circle.

Again, I prefer my t-shirts to be big!  You can do whatever you want to the bottoms! Get creative! I just wore regular shorts since my t-shirt was big!

So, those are just a few costume ideas that I have seen and think are easy!

What are you going to be for Halloween? Comment below!

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~Thanks and have a great day~

Kristen N.



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