Loving Jewelry

Hi guys!

Lately, I’ve been really into jewelry. I keep trying to find new ways to add more to my outfits. Jewelry seemed to be the right place to go!

Specifically, I’ve been really into rings. I feel like since I look at my hands a lot while I’m doing things, I want them to look nice (haha that sounds so odd). But it’s nice to look down while I’m writing or typing and see nicely done nails and some cute rings. 

I’ve only been buying cheap rings though. I fiddle around a lot with my rings so i don’t want anything expensive. If I lost it that would be pretty bad. 

Since I go with cheap jewelry, the colors fade pretty quickly, and they turn my fingers green. So I quite often have to change up my rings. I think that’s fun because I never like having things the same. I hate routine. I want to mix things up as often as I can. 

I’ve also really loved necklaces! Chokers are in right now, and I’ve been LOVING them.  I recently purchased a plastic choker like the ones from when I was a kid. I wear that one and get so many compliments! I also have a few other ones that I love to wear. 

So jewelry has been how I’ve been adding more to my outfits!

What have you been doing? Comment below!

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~Thanks and have a great day~

Kristen N. 


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