Embarrassing Stories

So, I realize you all really don’t know a lot about me!  So, today I thought you guys may want to hear some stories about me!

These aren’t all necessarily embarrassing, but I find them to be at times!

Story #1

Ok, so I hope this has happened to other people because I was really embarrassed by this!  So, my friend and I were studying together, and she said she had to go to the bathroom.  When she went into the bathroom, I thought I would scare her.  Now, this was late at night, and I thought we were all alone in the building.  When I heard the door open, I jumped out and shouted “BOO…OH NO!” because it wasn’t my friend…It was a girl I have never met before…That was embarrassing, but luckily the girl was pretty cool with it!


Story #2

These two people that I knew were walking by me and my friends.  As they were walking by, they said, “hey.” So naturally, I said hey.  But I hadn’t been talking for hours before that moment.  And you all know when you haven’t talked for hours your voice sounds a little weird.  It needs a bit of a warm up before you begin using it again after hours of nothing.  So, when I said, “hey” I choked and coughed on the word.  Nobody acknowledged it and we all started walking away (this was just a passing by hello).  All I know is that they gave me a disgusted look before they walked away.  I was just like “IT HAPPENS TO EVERYBODY” (…that was in my head).

Basically…I’m an awkward person if you couldn’t tell from these stories!

So those are just a few embarrassing stories…do you guys want more? Let me know if you liked this! I want you guys to get to know me more! Also, let me know some more blog posts you want to see!  I know these weren’t extremely embarrassing, but I have a ton more…so if you liked this, I will do more with better ones!

What embarrassing story do you have? Comment below!

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~Thanks and have a great day~

Kristen N.


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