Neutral Nails

Yesterday, I decided to treat myself and get a manicure and pedicure! I RARELY do this…in fact I think this was my first mani pedi EVER!

This was so nice! I definitely recommend going and getting one done. It feels so good to get pampered! I recommend not doing it too often because it will make it more special when you do!

So, when I went there, the woman asked me what color I want. I am TERRIBLE with decisions. It takes me forever to make decisions. I always take to long to think of the pros and cons of situations making my decision making process take quite some time!

After looking through the colors for awhile, I picked out this neutral color.  I’m really glad that I picked this color. It goes with anything really. 

Bright nails are fun and all…however, they don’t go with a lot. I like getting the neutral colors because they will go with all of my outfits!

I think neautral nails are definitely the way to go. 

What’s your favorite nail color? Comment below!

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~Thanks and have a great day~

Kristen N. 


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