Comfy Cardigans

Well, it is that time of year where we all bundle up and dress warmly! I know I’ve said this before but fall is my favorite season ONLY because I think my fall clothes are cuter and I love fall colors the best!

This fall, I’ve been really into cardigans! I prefer getting bigger cardigans because I love to bundle up in them.

Here is a picture of my current favorite cardigan! I got this from Forever 21!


I ordered it in a medium and it fit perfectly even though I typically wear smalls!

I would definitely go to Forever 21’s website and check out all of their cardigans! They have so many cute and cheap ones!

I typically wear mine with just a pair of leggings and a tshirt.  I feel like it takes that lazy look and totally turns it around.  I get so many compliments too about the cardigan!

I’ve been loving cardigans so much, and I defintely say invest in one!  Get a color that would go with everything!

What fashion item have you guys been loving? Comment below!

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Kristen N.


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