My Favorite Snacks

Hi friends!I’m somebody who LOVES to snack! that is kind of my biggest problem!

I used to snack on chips and ice cream and EVERYTHING unhealthy. I still do every now and then. However, I’ve found some really healthy snacks that thought I’d share with you all!

One snack that I have been loving lately is vegetables and humus! It’s so good and filling! The best part is that it is healthy! My favorite hummus is garlic! It’s so good!

My next favorite snack is a yogurt parfait! I buy vanilla yogurt, then chop up fresh fruit (I use strawberries and raspberries). Then I sprinkle in some granola! I eat this either as a snack or for breakfast! Again, this one is also filling!
My next favorite snack is eating either an apple or banana with peanut butter! I LOVE peanut butter! This snack is quick and delicious!
So those are my favorite snacks! They aren’t too unhealthy! 

What’s your favorite healthy snacks? Comment below!!

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~Thanks and have a great day~


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