Teeth Whitening…

Equate Beauty Xtreme Whitening Wraps 7 Day System REVIEW

Hello guys! So, today I am going to talk about teeth whitening! The other day, I was at the store and I bought some whitening strips! They were pretty cheap so I was excited! 

I really wanted a whiter smile because my teeth are stained, and it has always been something I’ve been embarrassed of!

So I went home and put them on, and the first day was fine! Nothing hurt! The whitening strips just seemed normal. 

The next day, I put them on, and I started feeling a bit of pain. I thought this was all just in my head. Then I realized that it was actually hurting and I immediately took them off!

When I took it off, I saw a bit of a white mark on my gums. I started freaking out because I thought I ruined my teeth and gums. 

Eventually the white spot went down, but it is a little tender where the spot was. 

Of course I’m upset because I was really hoping to whiten my smile. I hated looking at my yellow teeth! 

This product (listed above) did not work for me. I read reviews. It got pretty good reviews. What happened to me happened to a few people it seems, but overall it got pretty good reviews. 

I’m still kind of nervous if my gums are ok haha. So, if you know anything about this and if my gums are ok please comment below! That’s the main reason I made this post!

If you guys know any other SAFE and CHEAP ways to whiten teeth please also comment that below!

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~Thanks and have a great day~

Kristen N. 


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