Those Lazy Sundays…

I love it when you wake up on Sunday and just realize you have absolutely NOTHING to do!  Then, you just drift back to sleep and wake up yet again a little later and just lay in bed.

I love just sitting around knowing nothing is planned.  The day is just about being relaxed.  I know a lot of people say that they hate Sunday because to follow is Monday (aka the least favorite day of the week).  Some days, I don’t like Sunday…when I know that it is jam packed with things to do, then I’m not a fan.

On my lazy Sundays, I typically just lay around, watch Netflix, eat, get lost in my thoughts, and sleep.  Those are the days I find that I am most creative.  I just get lost in thoughts all day.

Now, don’t get me wrong…I love lazy Sunday’s, but I can only lay around doing nothing for about a day…I hate when I am not busy.  But like everybody else, I need that one day ever once in awhile that allows me to just unwind.


This post was really just putting all of my thoughts down into written word.  I like to do this a lot.  I figured I would just put a simple one on here! If you want more of these comment below!

What are your Lazy Sundays like?

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~Thanks and have a great day~

Kristen N.


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