Stranger Things

Well, like many others, I took two days and just sat around watching stranger things.  Within the first episode, I was already hooked…and confused.

The show was a mystery and a sci fi show.  Personally, I’m not into sci fi shows.  At least I thought I wasn’t.  I still loved this show.

I’ve gotten so many people to watch the show too.  I feel like a representative for Stranger Things…I’m not!  I got every single one of my friends to watch it and some of my family members..

The texts that I got as they were watching the show were hilarious.  They ranged from:

“I hate Steve!”


“I’m Barb…”

“I really love Eleven.”

“Ok, seriously…where is Will?”

They just didn’t understand yet.  I would tell you guys what they said when they finished the show but I don’t want to spoil!

So, overall, what I am saying here is…WATCH STRANGER THINGS NOW!!! It was so good, and I am pumped for season 2…even though it’s in 2017 😦

But while we wait, I will keep recruiting people to watch it!

Have you watch Stranger Things yet? Comment below

Sorry this wasn’t a really beauty post exactly…just an update on life I guess!

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~Thanks and have a great day~

Kristen N.


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