REVIEW: Herbal Essence Moroccan My Shine

I’m not really the type of person to change my routine.  However, while I was away traveling, I was forced to change my hair routine.  I left my usual conditioner at home while I was packing.  So, I headed to the store and picked up the cheapest conditioner I found.  That was the Herbal Essence Moroccan My Shine conditioner.

I wanted to find a cheap conditioner because I thought I would only be using this conditioner for a little bit.  I just thought this conditioner would be a good substitute for the week that I would be gone.  I didn’t realize how great the conditioner was.

I worked so well with my hair.  It made my hair feel so soft and smooth.  I LOVED it!! Ever since than, I have been using the conditioner.

I love how cheap it is and how well it works on my hair.  I definitely reccommend this conditioner for anybody looking for change.

This was  a short post, but I just wanted a little update on my haircare routine.

~Thanks and have a great day!

Kristen N.





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