Stretch Marks

In my opinion, there is beauty in all things. However, I didn’t feel exactly beautiful when I saw my stretch marks on my legs. 

I was so embarrassed by them. I skipped swimming with my friends sometimes because I didn’t want people to see them. 

However, after months of hiding them, my friend finally saw them. She didn’t exactly see them right away. She only caught a glance at first and mistook them for dry skin. I told her that they were stretch marks. I asked her to not tell anybody I had them because I was so embarrassed by them. She told me to not be embarrassed. Most people have them, and she has some herself. 

I never felt more relief. I was feeling alone and embarrassed. 

My friend is right though. So many people have stretch marks. It’s a part of so many lives. Honestly, don’t be embarrassed by them. Accept them and move on with everything else. Now, I could care less about my stretch marks. They’re there and there’s nothing I can do. So, just keep going!

I hated that I got so held up on the stretch marks! But it’s ok! I promise. 

You’re beautiful. Don’t let them define you because you will always be beautiful. 

~Thanks and have a great day~

Kristen N. 


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