Hey guys! Thanks so much for clicking on this! But I have a quick question and I need help! I’m working on a chapter book! And I want to post it somewhere online. Does anybody know ANY places I can post a chapter book chapter by chapter. Something that I can have a free account … More HELP!! 

My Current Running Songs (25 Good Running songs)

Hello, guys! So personally, running/exercising is actually enjoyable at times.  But that enjoyment comes in like waves.  There are times when I dread it, and there are times when I do it, and I absolutely love it. Right now, I am loving it!  I’ve been so into running, and I’ve been running some 5k’s lately. … More My Current Running Songs (25 Good Running songs)

Reoccurring Dreams

Reoccurring dreams are interesting to me.  I barely remember most of my dreams, so the fact that I have certain dreams that repeat themselves is so interesting.  So, today I just wanted to share some of my reoccurring dreams. So, let’s just jump on into it. Graduation So, my first dream happened to me after … More Reoccurring Dreams

My Hair Routine

Hello there!! As I was getting ready this morning, I realized that my hair routine is pretty simple.  It doesn’t involve too many steps, and it gets my out the door quickly.  So, today I thought I would tell you guys about my hair routine! Let’s just jump on into, shall we?? Shower So, personally, … More My Hair Routine